June 3, 2010

Uncalled for

Posted in Random Ramblings at 11:25 PM by goingbeyondzebra

The past few days have been an interesting adventure.

First, two of my best friends were married to each other,  which was a beautiful and much anticipated event. However, in the midst of wedding frivolities, my car broke down, my parents’ car broke down and the plumbing in our house went crazy. This left my parents and me with zero transportation, which is quite inconvenient since, you know, we aren’t secluded hermits who live solely off the woods who have no need for social interaction. Plus this week is the week I set aside to run all my errands to prep for Italy, which kind of requires a car to do. Thankfully, after much prayer and asking around, we found two families who are very graciously lending us their cars (one from each family) until we are able to get ours running again. One of these cars is a fairly large van. Cue transition.

Now I have no problem with vans. I learned to drive in a van, and continued to drive one for the first few years of my behind-the-wheel experience. I love how they let you sit up high, so you don’t get stuck behind giant trucks at red lights, straining to see whether the commander of traffic is red, green or yellow. However, vans are rather large, which means that when it comes to parking, they need more space. Go figure, huh?

Well, today I was hopping around town in this cool van, running errands and enjoying the view from above, when I came to the last stop on my errand list. I pulled around the parking area till I found a place somewhere in the middle of the shops that I needed to visit (this was at an outdoor mall area). As I was easing the rotund figure of the van into the space, I realized that the truck next to me was parked crooked and had spilled over to my spot a bit. By this time I was committed to the parking spot, so I adjusted accordingly, made sure I didn’t hit anything, and parked as straight as I could considering the truck next to me. Before I left, I did check, and one of my tires was about on the line on the other side of the van, but it was the best I could do with the situation I was given, so I went on my merry way.

I finished about an hour later, had driven home, and was gathering my things together in preparation of leaving Her Rotundness when I discovered a slip of paper someone had slid through the cracked window of the van, which contained a lovely, handwritten note. Instead of quoting it directly, I am going to Orbitz the words, so imagine a “dirtier” version of “Great parking job you silly, fudgemuffin, asterisk!”.

This upset me. First of all, because the way I had parked was to compensate for the car that had parked poorly beside me, which of course had probably moved by the time whoever wrote the note arrived. Second of all, it wasn’t like I was taking up two parking spaces, there were cars on either side of me when I parked, so obviously there was room, despite the fact that my car is rather large. Third of all, really? I mean, a slightly crooked parking job, when there were other spots available, is going to make you so upset that you feel the need to stop, write a mean note, and slip it in their car? REALLY? I feel like I need Amy Poehler and Seth Myers to do one of their old SNL skits here. What would possess someone to do this? I know it’s not like, the most atrocious act in the world, but still, it hurt, and it was needless.

I know, maybe I don’t know the whole story. Maybe that person had a really bad day and my crooked car was just the final blow that caused them to crack. Or maybe there was a pregnant lady who couldn’t get into the car next to me because there wasn’t enough space or…who knows? But it’s just sad that anger and cruelty seem to be the default mode that we humans revert to, I know I do it often enough.

Well that’s my vent for the day. I’m off to do more prepping for Italy, so here’s wishing you all a happy Zebra of a night!




  1. appuntivita said,

    Italian rules for parking… lines matter only when convenient, and if you are stopping for coffee, anything goes! The crazy parking jobs we see here make me laugh… see you in a few days!

  2. mark said,

    Ouch. Chris made an interesting post on blogspot that was similar to that.

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