July 18, 2010

Telegrams to Mars

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Every now and then I will stumble across a song or a band that I just cannot get enough of; I will listen to that song or band over and over and over again until, finally, the phase ends. This could last for minutes, days, or even weeks. These spurts often loop through the same artists or songs in a never ending cycle, with new interests popping up every now and then.

Today I am having one of these phases. Some of you may be familiar with the device Amazon Kindle. Some of you may also be familiar with the commercials that amazon has put together for the kindle, featuring what I think is stop motion picture capturing and catchy tunes in the background. One day before I left for Italy, my mind caught on one of the songs for these commercials, so I did some research and I discovered: Little and Ashley.

All this to say, I currently really enjoy this song:

Telegram to Mars

Driving, singing on the highway
Starin’ at the skyline
Floating in space

Hey there, scoot a little closer
What’s your favorite color?
Posies in May

So lovely on my pillow
Spinning webs with rainbows
Sending telegrams to Mars

Sunday, drinkin’ coffee at the bookstore
Sirens out the window
Could be a chase

So lovely on my pillow
Spinning webs with rainbows
Sending telegrams to Mars

Honey, the way you look at me is funny
Not so much peculiar
But funny, haha

So lovely on my pillow
Spinning webs with rainbows
Sending telegrams to Mars.

Don’t ask me why, I just do. You can give it a listen by visiting their site littleandashley.com. I also really like their song Stole my Heart, which is one of the songs on the Kindle commercials that first caught my interest. So, if the above lyrics intrigue you, I suggest giving them a look.

(Just a disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Amazon or the Amazon Kindle product. I have not been endorsed or compensated in any way for mentioning this product or the band Little and Ashley. I don’t even own a Kindle and most likely never will since I like holding books too much. But this is my blog and I like this band so THERE!)
Ahem, moving on.

Since Transform 2010 in Rome is quickly approaching (as in, tomorrow), and my trip is a little over half-way done, I thought it was time for a kind of summary/reflection post about my Italian Adventure thus far. Here it goes!

At this moment, I believe this mission trip has been a success from my end. I have been able to do lots of writing for OM Italy thus far, and I am looking forward to continue this trend through Transform and when I return in August. Hopefully I will even be able to do some work on their website wordage in August. I have had to do some mental, spiritual, physical, and attitude adjusting since arriving and some of these areas I expect to continue working on through the end of my trip.

At first it did not appear as if I was going to do as much writing here as I had been led to expect, and this upset me I will admit. However, after some prayer and advice, I decided to wait it out and see what happened before bringing the subject up to anyone here. This was a great decision as a few days after I made it, the writing commenced and I was nearly as happy as a clam. Side note: that phrase always brings me entertainment. For one thing, I like how it sounds. For another, I have a scene from a movie pop into my head every time I hear it, though I can never remember what the movie is. For all that, it doesn’t really make sense. Would you imagine clams are particularly happy? Most of them live their whole lives with an irritating grain of sand grinding away at their mouth, which eventually can grow quite large, and then they get plucked out of the sea and cracked open so that someone can extract the sand. Or, they simply get eaten. Does that seem like a life of joy? Hmm… well, I still like the phrase.

Okay, back to Italy (sorry, I am feeling a bit random today). I have had to adjust my attitude some at times when it comes to the schedule that I have had as well. Having graduated from college and left the world of mandatory prayer and Bible studies behind me, I was excited on coming here to get to experience spiritual growth on my own terms, so to speak. I relished the thought of getting to choose what I wanted to study, how, and when I wanted to study it. But soon after I arrived, I was dismayed to find this wasn’t going to be the case. Under the program that I came with (which I didn’t really realize I was under till after I arrived), I was told that I was going to have to attend a book study, a Bible study, and morning prayer time. This upset me, and it has taken me several weeks to work through it. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to participate, in fact, after the first week or so, I actually started to enjoy the studies and would probably have done them even if it wasn’t required for me to. It was the fact that I didn’t have a choice in the matter that bothered me, especially since I am the oldest “intern” type person here and I was only one of two people, from the five, required to attend these. The younger interns, I felt, were being given more spiritual responsibility and freedom than I was. It was especially irritating since this was an issue I had struggled with all through college, and I thought I had finally left that world behind me. Now that the studies are over, I am glad that I did them. I tried very hard and prayed for God to help me approach them all with the right attitude, and mostly I was able to. It is still something that is an issue with me, and most likely if I am ever placed in a similar situation it will be something I will continue to have to work through. However, God helped me at least keep any resentment or anger I was feeling mostly in check. I am not sure what He is trying to teach me from this, again, it was something that I struggled with through college and I never was able to find out why God wanted me to face these particular hurdles. And I may never know.

The approach of Transform is making me continuously nervous and slightly filled with dread. Please be praying about this conference and the following outreaches, not just for me, but for everyone participating. Really, there is not much more I can say on this subject that I haven’t said already, but I will try to post more about it once it begins.

Entertaining Interests in Italy

Here are some things that I have enjoyed the most about Italy so far

  • The flowers and gardens. Flowers are literally pouring from every nook and cranny around Torre Pellice. It’s beautiful and something I wasn’t expecting at all
  • The careful architecture. Each structure looks as if every precaution was taken with every detail to make it the most picturesque possible, but in a completely non-forced way.
  • Old men and their awesome hats. Enough said.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables (Market!).
  • Getting to see the Alps every day.
  • Firefly (tv show) marathons and whoever joins them
  • Gorgo e Mele (Gorgonzola and apple) pizza
  • The chocolate chips I brought being treated like a precious commodity.
  • Gelato. Particularly Ciacolatto, Limone, Nutella, Frutti di Bosco and Menta. Oh and Crema Whisky. Okay, pretty much every flavor so far except Hazelnut.
  • Nutella comes in giant jars and it’s so cheap!
  • Walking through the town at twilight, when people are milling about, music is playing, the wind is swirling its fingers through the streets, and everyone can just relax.

Those are just a few of the things so far. But what about home? There are definitely things I miss from home.

Heartaches for Home

  • People. My parents, my boyfriend Mark, all of my amazing friends etc., etc.
  • American pizza. That’s right, I said it.
  • Cheez-its. Yummm
  • Sour patch kids
  • Cheddar Cheese. Eder and Denisse provided some for the Staff Appreciation Dinner. I have never seen cheese disappear so fast.
  • Firehouse subs after Sunday church with Mark. Mmm….Chicken salad…
  • Fireworks. 😦
  • Dumple, Oscar, Lucy, Tucker, Peanut. Pretty much all the pets at Mark’s house.
  • All the summer movies!
  • M house. My room. The big blue reclining chair upstairs.
  • Air conditioning.
  • My car.
  • Getting to explore the different, random plants and animals around my house.
  • Frogs and turtles.

Okay that’s enough for now. Well, that’s my trip so far. As always, if you have any questions about what I am doing or what’s going on in OM Italy, just let me know and I will do my best to answer.

OH! And today is my mom’s birthday, so…..


Farewell everyone. Here’s wishing you a happy going-beyond-zebra kind of day!



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