July 24, 2010


Posted in Trek through Italy at 4:27 AM by goingbeyondzebra

Hi everyone! Just a quick update.

Transform itself has come to a close, but now it’s time for the dozens of outreaches that are going to be taking place the next few weeks and months. Here are some prayer requests, starting with something very urgent.

  • A member of the OM Italy team has a family member who had a serious medical emergency last night back in the states. Thankfully they were already planning on going home today, so they are going to get to be there as soon as possible. Be praying for this team member, his family, and for the healing for the one with a medical emergency. Pray for safety in travels, that they will make it on the quickest flight with their buddy pass, and for unlimited assistance for the family. I don’t want to say too much because I haven’t asked to post this, so that is why I being evasive on details.
  • Pray for safety for all the teams heading out right now. We are spreading out across 22 different countries, and we are hundreds of people, so you can imagine the difficulties that could ensue. Pray that all travels will go smoothly and that no one would get left behind.
  • Pray God will empower each person to reach out with His message and bring a change and revival across the Mediterranean and Europe.
  • Pray that each team will quickly find unity and bond together to better serve God’s purpose, that everyone will fit together and work together well with the least amount of stress and friction possible.

That is all for specifics right now. I will try to post at least a few updates in the coming weeks, but I do not know how much time I will have. So keep praying, thank you for your support, and have a great day!



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