November 23, 2010

Quick Update

Posted in Random Ramblings at 1:32 PM by goingbeyondzebra

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update to let you all know what has been going on. My friend is back home and is doing great! She’s been taken off heavy pain meds and is down to just taking Tylenol and other basic pain medications. She went to the doctor for a check up a few days ago, and they said she is healing perfectly and in another 4 weeks or so she should be back to normal! It is still difficult for her to do things like ride in the car or other activities because of the pain, so she is mostly confined to her house for now (and getting kind of bored!). I hope to be able to visit her this week, up till now her family has been kind of restrictive on visitors, understandably! Thank you again for all of your prayers, please continue to lift her healing and pain to the Lord, and that her family will be able to peacefully enjoy this Thanksgiving week!

As for whats going on with me personally, I have been working around 30 hours a week at my new job as a personal assistant to a lady who runs a sign language interpreting business. It has been going pretty well so far, though we are still adjusting to each other personality wise. She has gone away with her husband for the Holiday season, so I am off work from yesterday until the beginning of January, which is a blessing and a curse, since it allows me to be free for the holidays, but it cuts off my income! Other than that, my family has been preparing for my very pregnant sister and her husband coming down to visit for Thanksgiving. They live up in West Virginia, and this will be there first visit down here in two years, so we are all pretty excited. We’ve been cooking and baking, cleaning, and decorating like crazy in preparation for their visit. While they are down here we are not only going to be celebrating Thanksgiving, but we are throwing a baby shower for my sister, and are going to have a mini-Christmas with them. So it is/has been a busy week! We set up a cookie decorating station upstairs in the Library/TV area and have been going through the LOTR Extended Edition DVD’s while we decorate (we made it through the first two movies before finishing up decorating, which should give you an idea on how many cookies we’ve been making, and that’s only the gingerbread and sugar cookies!). Last night I worked on decorating the cookies for the baby shower, cute lions, monkeys, and elephants, and I think they turned out pretty well!

That’s all that is really going on right now. I haven’t been able to do much writing lately, but since I am going to be off of work for December I hope to dedicate more time to it once the Thanksgiving craziness dies down.

Well, farewell for now! May you all have a wonderfully going-beyond-zebra kind of Thanksgiving week.



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  1. Elise Ivey said,

    I’m so glad to hear that your friend is doing better! She’s been in my prayers. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get extra rest and decorating done over the holidays (even though you won’t get paid!). LOTR is an excellent choice, by the way. 🙂

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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