March 7, 2011

The Way Things Are

Posted in Random Ramblings, Wedding Wonders at 6:24 PM by goingbeyondzebra

Phew! We’re in March already, how did that happen? It’s weird how time flies yet drags on at the same time. Well, let’s get to some updating.

In the beginning of January I lost my job due to some rather unpleasant circumstances dealing with my boss. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to go around bashing anyone, and since then I have been doing my best to have a spirit of forgiveness and love instead of bitterness. However, that unfortunately means that since then I have been back on the job market with no success as of yet. I have sent in numerous resumes and written lots of cover letters, and there are a couple of places that I am still waiting to hear back from that leave me feeling hopeful. One in particular is a freelance writing position with a daily group coupon company called Groupon. For me, this would be the perfect position because it is freelance, meaning it would move where I move, however they have minimum weekly contributions, so I would still be getting steady weekly/daily work. They are also becoming internationally renowned for their writers and the “voice” that their write-ups for the coupons use. Because of this renown, they take very good care of their writers by training them and by nurturing and encouraging their creative talents. So basically, it’s heaven on earth for a writer like me. They get a large amount of applications though and their application process is very strict, so we will see what happens.

Apart from that, in January I also began volunteer writing for a non-profit organization called Meet Justice. They are in the process of currently re-launching their website, so unfortunately I can’t give it to you all for more information yet, but they are an organization that is focusing on the fight against sex trafficking in Atlanta, specifically the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). I have been working with a couple of other volunteers and my boss (who also happens to be one of my best friends and a bridesmaid, yay!), to create content for the website, as well as news articles and blogs. Hopefully the site will be up soon so you all can go see what we have been working on! In the meantime, you can head over to one of their branches called Meet Justice Medical, which can give you a bit more information about Meet Justice, the work they are doing, and sex trafficking in Atlanta: . I am really enjoying getting to use the gifts God has given me towards a greater purpose. The work itself can be depressing at times, and I am learning how the more I know the more it gets infused in my everyday life. I have even started to have dreams about girls (or myself) being sexually abused. It is such a heart-wrenching problem, and hardly anyone seems to even realize that it’s happening, practically right at their door. If learning that these things happen in Atlanta surprises you, I suggest doing some research on the subject; you might be very shocked by what you learn.

Okay, moving on to a cheerier subject. Mark and I have a place and a date for the wedding! We will be getting married on December 10th, and the place is pretty much perfect. It is owned by a Christian couple that is really willing to work with us and our budget, which is a huge blessing. I’ve also been able to ask all of my bridesmaids, who all accepted thankfully! Despite some protests from the fiancé and some family members, I decided not to have a maid (or matron) of honor. All of my bridesmaids are special to me, and I don’t see the point in giving one of them special “honor,” I consider them all to be my maids (and matrons) of honor! I’ve started getting a bit more into the girly stuff with the decorations and flowers and whatnot- which I think Mark finds rather amusing- but it has been fun. 278 days to go! It seems like an eternity and a second all at the same time.

Mark has been staying busy with his full time job and being a full time grad student. He’s decided to start training for another triathlon as well, an Olympic length one this time. I am very proud of him! He is working so hard and doing such a great job at everything. The church just decided that his three month “trial period” is over and that he is a person they definitely want to keep (about time I say!), so he will be getting a small raise soon too. We get to see each other every one or two weeks, which can be difficult but it could be worse. He’s been really good about trying to help with the wedding planning stuff as well and I really appreciate it; I know that these things aren’t a guy’s favorite to do, especially when he is so busy already, but he has been doing a wonderful job at being a fantastic fiancé 🙂

Well that’s really the way things are at the moment. I watched the Oscars last week with my friend Jessica, and while we were talking I realized how very inadequate my movie-watching list is. There are so many amazing movies out there that I need to see! Everything in its time I suppose. I have also been working out steadily, and have even added some dreaded cardio into my routine (which, alas, I can already tell is starting to make a difference, so I guess I’ll have to keep it up), which has helped with my health some I think. I hope you all are doing well. Hopefully in a few days I will be posting about a new, wonderful job that has hired me!

Here’s hoping you all have a fantastic going-beyond-zebra of a day!




  1. Kat said,

    Awwww, it’s always nice to have your boy putting in a good planning effort 🙂 We all know most of them couldn’t care less, they just wanna be married! hehe!

    I know what you mean about the cardio. UUGGHH. I was half hoping I wouldn’t notice any sort of difference. *sigh* It’s true. It’s legit. Dang it! 😛

    Still praying for a great job to come up! Hopefully the Groupon one!!!

    • Haha yes! I know exactly how you feel about cardio! I too, was half hoping for no results. But alas, I’ve barely been doing it for a week and I can already see how it’s boosting my workout…blast it all.

      It is nice that Mark puts in some effort. I know he can’t do too too much, and I am trying to keep that in mind, but he is trying and I really appreciate it. Gotta love him!

      Thanks for the prayers, I am praying hard too!

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