October 29, 2011

42 Days!

Posted in Random Ramblings, Wedding Wonders at 4:26 PM by goingbeyondzebra

So, it has been a while!

We are 42 days away from the “big day” and things are zooming along. I can’t believe we are six weeks away from the wedding! There seems to be so much to do, but at least most of the preparations are interesting. Invitations have been sent and RSVP’s are trickling into the mailbox (the due date is November 4th, this coming Friday, for those of you who received an invite and have not turned your RSVP’s in yet!). My dress is almost finished, we hope to have the final fitting this coming week, and last Tuesday I had my wedding hair and makeup trial. We are still trying to get Mark’s suit right. One has been picked out that looks really nice we are just trying to get the correct size! All of the bridesmaids have their dresses and are working on getting them properly altered, and they all look great.

On Sunday, October 23 I was thrown a lovely bridal shower. One of the ladies, a long-time family friend whose eldest daughter is a bridesmaid in the wedding, hand painted a beautiful Celtic mural as a decoration for the shower. Afterwards, she gave it to us as a gift. I can’t wait to hang it in our apartment, but first it will be used for our cake table at the wedding reception. We received so many amazing items during the shower and so many wonderful people attended, Mark and I are truly blessed in friends and in love! Mark’s church down in Milledgeville is throwing us a shower on November 6th, and it will be nice to get to celebrate when Mark and I will actually be together. It will be the first time we will have seen each other in several weeks, which makes it even better!

In September Meet Justice ran out of most of its funding due to a lack of donations, which means they could no longer afford to pay employees. So, in essence, I lost my job. However, several of us have been staying on as volunteers, though in much diminished hours, and thankfully we still had enough money to continue with the human trafficking graphic novel that we had begun production on (you can read more about the graphic novel by visiting the Traffick, inc website). It has been very hard to lose the income, especially since my loan deferment ended in August and I had been planning on contributing much more to the wedding than I have been able to now. I have unfortunately been slacking a bit on my volunteer responsibilities lately since everything has gotten so busy with the wedding, though I have been doing my best to keep things going. During the month of October I have been working with the Norcross Ghost Tour, which is run by Mark’s mother Sally Toole. It has been a fun experience that has also been contributing towards my busy schedule. I’ve been mostly working as a fill-in, doing whatever Sally needs for the day, be it tour guiding, running the ticket booth, or acting as one of the characters. For this final weekend I am solely acting as the Gravedigger character though. I have enjoyed getting to stretch my acting muscles a bit since I haven’t had the chance to act since I graduated from college, and it has been a blessing to have at least a little bit of income. Combined with the bit of money I was able to save up when I was being paid by Meet Justice, I have just barely been able to stay afloat on my expenses without having to ask for too much additional help.

Within the past month, two of my friends have gotten to greet new little lives into their families, and another friend has closed on her first home with her husband. October is thrilling with excitement it seems, and not just because of its spooky ending! I can’t wait to meet both of my friends’ new little ones that have entered into the world, and I am looking forward to seeing Meredith and Nick’s new house (be prepared you two!).

In September I was FINALLY able to meet my own little nephew, Benjamin, when I went and visited my sister Shelley and brother-in-law Andrew up in New York. He is absolutely one of the cutest and happiest little babies I have ever seen! I had a great visit and enjoyed seeing how they are nesting into their own new home and lives in New York (they recently moved from West Virginia). It is a cheerful place that suits them well, with plenty of routes for running and biking (two of Shelley and Andrew’s favorite activities). I was sad to leave them, but thankfully we will all see each other again soon when the wedding gets closer.

Well, that’s mostly where things stand at the moment! Life has its bumps and curves but overall things are going very well and I am feeling quite blessed. Not all wedding preparations are going perfectly, but really I can’t complain.

I realized lately that I really need to dedicate some solid time to my writing, including this blog, so I am going to try really hard to carve out specific times each day to write. Which means, hopefully, I will begin updating this blog regularly again!

Thanks to any of you who have stuck with me and still read this at least. I hope you all have a wonderfully going-beyond-zebra of a weekend!



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  1. Pam DeMouy said,

    I’m so glad you found a use for the Celtic painting. It is so beautiful! Great idea to use it on the cake table.

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