June 13, 2012

(Just Over) Six Months!

Posted in Life as a Mrs. at 8:24 PM by goingbeyondzebra

On Sunday, June 10th, Mark and I celebrated six whole months of marriage! Time is passing very quickly so far. To celebrate, we ate out at Ruby Tuesday and Mark surprised me with dessert (chocolate lava cake and ice cream, mmmm!), and I gave him a little gift of a set of grill tools (which he has been desperately wanting). It was quite a lovely day overall, despite the rainy weather.

I have been working diligently at my booth for the local Farmer’s Market each week selling baked goods. Since it’s a bit like trying to start your own business, things are a bit nerve-wracking at times, and I have had a few baking meltdowns, but overall I am enjoying it! We are still in the hole profit wise, but after several trials and errors with the “menu” and pricing, I think I’ve finally settled on a good set-up (many thanks to all the help Mark has given!).  The current items I sell are: Lemon Cooler cookies, Iced Soft Sugar Cookies, Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (one of my best sellers), Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Squares, Strawberry Cake Pops, Personal Pies (I am still experimenting on different flavors with these, so far Peach and Pear with Cranberry have both done well), Diabetic Friendly Lemon Cranberry Bars, Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Whole Wheat Cranberry-Raspberry Pinwheels. Mark usually helps me set up and remains most of the time to help sell items when he can. I’ve started to actually get repeat customers, which is very exciting! A funny story with that: Last week a man came up and before we could even offer him a sample he was like “Give me this, this, and this.” Well, THIS week a lady come up with her daughter, slightly in a huff, exclaiming “He lied to me! He said you weren’t here! How dare he! I want four of your peanut butter cookies and…” as she was talking, the man from last week came up beside her, she stopped and turned to him saying “You lied! You said she wasn’t here! Let’s see if YOU get any cookies this week!” To which the man responded by jokingly offering me $3.00 a cookie for my remaining PB cookies, and stating “We’ll see who doesn’t get any cookies!” In the midst of this, another lady walks up and gives the first lady a hug and they exchange pleasantries, after which the first woman tells her friend “You HAVE to buy some of the peanut butter cookies, they are the best cookie in the WORLD! I’d even eat it without the peanut butter cups in them, the base cookie is THAT GOOD!” Which caused her friend to say she was sold and she also bought two cookies. It was a very entertaining exchange on the whole, and talk about an ego boost!

In addition to the Farmer’s Market, I also sold my first “order” of cookies, and my first wedding cake (both to long time friends, but it counts)! The friend who ordered the wedding cake had their original cake person back out (been there!) and when she heard I was selling baked goods she asked if I could do the cake for her wedding. The cake was a funfetti pound cake with a chocolate ganache filling and buttercream icing. It was an interesting experience, a bit difficult since it was my first time doing a wedding cake, but I think it turned out quite well overall. Thankfully it wasn’t terribly large, which made things a bit easier for my first time. She seemed very pleased, which is what really matters!

The cake! I made everything except the white flowers and the cake topper

Mark and I have continued to at least try to run three times a week. We don’t always go three times in exactly a week, but we certainly put in a good effort. Some days go better than others, especially now that Georgia is getting quite warm and humid (blech). But I can’t say I am hating it.

Mark with his award for “Outstanding Clinical Research”

Mark finished his final semester of classes with a bang! His grades were good enough that he would graduate “with honors” if they recognized such things for Master’s graduates. Also, he won an award at his school for his excellent music therapy research! I am extremely proud of him! Before he can graduate, he still has to do his final project (which is the equivalent of a thesis paper) and a 6 month internship. The internship in PA that starts in January is still at the top of his list and he has made it to the interview stage, which will take place the second week of July (prayers are appreciated!). He has applied for a couple of others as well, but this is definitely the one he prefers since he would actually be working with the demographic that he wants to work with after graduation.

On the bus to RUSH

Things haven’t calmed down much at church since Easter. The choir is on a short break, but Youth has been going full speed. We had RUSH at the beginning of May (where we got to see Toby Mac in concert, and hundreds of youth accepted Christ!), and since then we’ve had a couple of fundraisers and have started their summer version on Youth Group called “Denteen.” VBS started this past Sunday and runs till tomorrow, the last week of June is church camp, then the first week of July is Super WOW. After that, the rest of the summer will be filled with various activities in addition to Denteen, and then sometime in August there will be a Discipleship Now weekend (I think that will take place the last weekend in August). So, busy busy busy! It’s fun though, and hopefully we’ll be able to reach even more youth than usual. Mark has been doing a great job planning and organizing everything; he really cares about the youth!

Married life is still going very well overall. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, but, as “they” say, even the clouds have a silver lining! I wouldn’t trade this life for anything, and I am proud to have such a wonderful and talented husband. Salem is still as cute as ever, though sometimes he is a bit louder and more “complainy” than we’d prefer, especially when it’s 6 AM and he starts in with the yowling, but we love having him around.

Here are some more things I’ve been learning about marriage so far:

  • You can’t always both “want” to go running, but it’s enough if at least one of you do
  • Always hold your cat with claws facing OUTWARD when taking him to get a bath
  • It doesn’t take long to realize that, even after nearly five years of being together, there is still a lot to learn about one another!
  • When you each wear socks that are very similar to each other, this can cause confusion
    • Additionally: There really is something in every house that eats, or steals, socks
  • Sometimes you have to let the other person do something without jumping in to “help”
  • Subliminal, or “telepathic,” messaging works, even when it’s not intentional!
  • Yes, you can accidentally dress to match
  • It is a rare and blessed occasion when both parties feel that the temperature of the house is at a comfortable level
  • Marriage is a blessing, and I wouldn’t trade this life for the world!

Thanks for checking in again, I hope you are all doing well and are having a great, boundary stretching summer!



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