December 4, 2012

Salem and Copper

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As our cats are an important part of our lives, I figured it was time they received their own post! So for today’s post, I will be focusing on our wonderful two kitties, Salem and Copper.

Most of you know that Mark’s parents gave “us” Salem when Mark moved into what would become our first apartment back in October of 2011. Salem is now about a year old and weighing in at about 13.5 pounds. He is big, shiny, black, and a very handsome cat.

So handsome!

So handsome!

We love our Salem. At around a year and a half old, he mostly keeps to himself, but he will come and cuddle at times and allows us to pick him up and pet him for moderate periods of time. He’s even started sitting in our laps at times. He is a little skittish around new people and new pets, but once he adjusts he’s usually fine.

What you may NOT know, is that on our sixth month anniversary, Mark and I got a new little kitten that we named Copper.

Copper as a cute nine week old baby.

Copper as a cute nine week old baby

We obtained him through a friend at Hardwick who happened to be giving away a bunch of little guys outside the restaurant where we chose to go to celebrate six months of marriage. At first we were just going to “stop and say hi,” but then this guy wormed his way into our hearts, and 20 minutes later, we found ourselves with a new kitten!

Since then he has grown to a healthy 7 or so pounds and is just as cute as ever.


I want to be the present!

We had been tossing around the idea of getting another cat to help socialize Salem, so Copper wasn’t AS a “spur of the moment” decision as he may seem. Salem was not a happy camper when we first brought Copper home, but after about two or three days, they were fast friends.

Playing Together

Playing Together

Copper is a cuddle bug and loves to cuddle everyone and everything. He is sometimes a little skittish around new people and new animals, but that rarely lasts for long. Both Salem and Copper definitely have their own personalities. It doesn’t look like Copper will be getting much bigger now that he is past his sixth month birthday, and honestly I’m hoping he won’t. He may still do some growing though, especially after he gets “the surgery” in January. We’re very happy that both cats get along. Salem is a great big brother who lets Copper eat first at the food bowl, taught him how to use the big litter box, and who will occasionally even groom him when the mood hits. Copper is a rambunctious little brother who loves to stalk, chase, and wrestle with Salem whenever Salem lets him. Overall, I don’t think we could ask for two better cats!

Sharing their window bed, and looking at the camera like good kitties

Sharing their window bed, and looking at the camera like good kitties

Copper and Salem cuddling with teddy on the futon

Copper and Salem cuddling with teddy on the futon

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this little introduction to the fur-babies in our lives.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Just because it’s too funny not to share…




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