December 5, 2012


Posted in Random Ramblings at 11:19 PM by goingbeyondzebra

I’m not really sure if that is a word, but we are going to go with it. Today was my first day back in the “real world” really since getting sick. I went grocery shopping at Walmart, worked for 5 1/2 hours, and went to the Christmas choir practice at church. A pretty full day overall. Since it was such a full day, I am not really sure what to blog about today, as I am rather tired now. I blame my sickness-recuperating state and the medications. I promise that I will try to make the rest of my days more interesting. For now, here’s a picture of Mark and me with his great-grandfather Homer Toole.

A handsome trio!

A handsome trio!

Papa Homer is 92 years old and a very sweet man. He lives on a ranch that used to be the home to lots of cattle and lots of hounds near Panama City. The cattle are all gone, but there are still a few dogs around (and even a couple of young ones). I got to meet them also, and they were all sweethearts. I wished we could have taken one of them home with us! It was an honor and a pleasure getting to meet great-grandpop Homer and his wife Eddy. I hope we will get to spend more time with them soon!

Until tomorrow,



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