December 9, 2012

Choir Christmas Program

Posted in Life as a Mrs. at 11:26 PM by goingbeyondzebra

I know, I missed three days. Honestly, two of the days I completely forgot, and the other day I was just lazy. But at least you are getting two posts today, right?

Yesterday we had our first “dress rehearsal” for the choir Christmas Cantata  called “All is Well” that will take place on the 16th. After practicing the last few songs we hadn’t covered on Wednesday, we all stood and sang through the whole program. The program is a beautiful compilation of traditional Christmas medleys and original pieces, with some short narrations in-between each song. It’s not a terribly complicated program, but the songs and narrations are powerful and a lot of fun to sing.

Mark does a wonderful job with the choir. He manages to maintain a great balance of laid-backness, support, and direction. Anytime he has a “criticism” (which never really comes across as criticism, more as a suggestion), he is very kind about it. He does his best to make sure that we all know how much he appreciates each one of us being there and to bestow praises throughout each practice. Everyone loves him! The choir itself is like a fun family, and we’ve actually gotten several new members over the past month or so. They may only be there for Christmas, but I hope they all continue to join us even after the season has passed.

I’ll admit that sometimes I feel the urge to buck against Mark’s directions when my independent streak kicks in, but I am trying to get better at controlling those feelings and show him the respect that he deserves at all times. I know his work with the church isn’t always easy, especially around this time of year, but I am very proud of all he has accomplished and all he does. He truly is a talented musician and a great music minister.

So! If you are anywhere near the area, you should come over to our church the morning of the 16th to see our Christmas Program! I promise, it will be worth your time.

Until tomorrow,



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