December 9, 2012

The Invasion

Posted in Random Ramblings at 11:04 PM by goingbeyondzebra

They are coming…

When we relocated bases I thought we would have more time. We managed to avoid them for nearly a month, but two nights ago I surprised a scout on an obvious reconnaissance mission. He was briefly questioned and then eliminated without mercy. Thankfully I caught him before he’d had time to start setting up camp.

Our old establishment was slowly becoming overrun by the time we decided to move locations. One had even managed to get a shot in at me earlier this year. The injury was painful, but thank my stars I managed to live to fight another day. My own strength had begun to improve as I became more skilled at hunting and killing the invading enemy. My nerves also became more settled at the potential prospect. It had to be done if we wished to survive. The enemy was merciless in their invasion and were found everywhere from the eating area to our sleeping quarters.

The move confused them as planned, and deterred their attacks for a while. But it seems all good things must come to an end. They have found us. I can only imagine that, soon, they will send out more soldiers to discover the fate of their scout, as well as gain more information about our current whereabouts. I must now stay on full alert. Who knows when the full invasion will arrive.

This concludes my log for now. The battle against our octo-enemies continues…


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  1. Allison M said,

    I’ve always said that they are demons that Satan sends to torment me. I just scream, “Die, in the name of Jesus!” as I smack them. 🙂

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