Why this blog, and what’s with the name?

“So you see! There’s no end to the things you might know, depending how far beyond Zebra you go.”

~ Dr. Seuss

Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself as Robyn: Christian, writer, puppeteer, friend, girlfriend, daughter, cook,  fairly recent college grad, avid reader, and lover of all things random and Dr. Seuss. I have recently been given the opportunity to travel to Italy for three months to serve as a staff writer for a team set up by the missions organization Operation Mobilization (feel free to look them up!). Never did I dream I would be able to use so many of my passions in one place at one time. But here I am, hoping to embody the advice Dr. Seuss gives in his book On Beyond Zebra by pushing myself beyond the limits I had imagined existed.

The Adventure: Live overseas for three months, travel wherever God and the team takes me, and write about all that I encounter

The Dates: June 9th, 2010- September 6th, 2010 (though I anticipate this blog will stretch beyond those dates)

The Expectation: To achieve, experience, and record beyond what my imagination can dream

This was the original reason for the creation of this blog. Since I have now returned from my Italian Adventure, I plan on maintaining this blog with updates concerning the new adventures that occur in living life daily as I continue to attempt to push beyond the limits of Z.

I hope that helps explain a little about me and my blog. I look forward to us enjoying our adventures together!


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  1. Rhonda McClellan said,

    I love Dr. Seuss as well! (Dexter-Do-Right, you may recall, is my own spoof on the Cat In the Hat. I love Fox in Socks, The Places You Will Go and more!

    This is going to be a fantastic experience. Soak it all up and enjoy. It will go by quickly.

    Love and prayers!

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